Hi. I’m Eugen, a graphic designer specialized in brand identity and communication,

with an alter ego who draws comics. This is my portfolio.

People I bribed to say nice stuff about me
  • "Humorous, creative and inspired. A mix of qualities that have proven very succesful online, both home and abroad. Keep up the good work, Eugen!"

    Ciprian Istrate - VP Consumer Solutions, Bitdefender

  • "Even if we're not living in the same country, even if we don’t speak the same language, Eugen was, is, will be one of the best creative persons. He listens. He understands the targets. He fights for his ideas. He is smart in his creative work. A 3 year-old collaboration, without a scratch and full of great projects. Thank you again, Eugen, we are always confident with you!"

    Daphné Domergue - Associée, W40 Paris

  • "Beyond his inexhaustible sense of humour, Eugen’s artistic subtlety and intelligence make him a valuable mind, whether we talk design or naming. Not only that it’s fun and easy to work with him, but he is reliable, rapid and constructive."

    Madalina Diaconescu - Directrice de Clientèle, Carré Noir Paris

  • "Our main issue when working with Eugen: it has easily became obsolete to tell him that his work is brilliant. So, we started calling him "Eugenius". All his work is above our expectations – we are extremely glad to collaborate with him!"

    Cristina Mirabela Dinu - Social Media Manager, Bitdefender

  • "Talent and imagination".

    Bryan Cranston - Actor, Breaking Bad

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  • Since 2001

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